Ride Across Israel

About the Ride

Riding4Reform 2012, March 25-29! Where will we be and what will we see?

Our 2012 R4R journey will begin in the Haifa area.

We will ride in the Carmel Mountains, through the beautiful scenery of the Carmel forests, surrounded by Druze villages. Views of the sea will be to the west and of the Emek Israel Valley to the east. On this day, we will experience the area that was affected by the terrible Carmel fire, first hand.


Where Will My Money Go?

The purpose of Riding4Reform is to raise funds to promote Progressive Jewish ideals in Israel. This includes a wide range of social, educational, cultural and community programs. More...

The Route

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You may have a number of questions about the ride; listed below are the ones most frequently asked with their answers. If you don’t find the information you need, please contact us