What to Bring

Pack as lightly as possible. We advise bringing:

  • T-shirts
  • Biking shirts - two official ride shirts will be provided by us
  • Biking shorts
  • Biking shoes
  • Biking gloves
  • Biking helmet
  • Sweatbands
  • Casual clothing for evening
  • Bathing gear
  • Toiletries and tissues
  • Waist pack or small knapsack
  • Water bottles
  • Sunscreen, insect repellant and lip balm
  • Money/credit card
  • Camera and film

It is best to pack lightly and limit yourself to just 1 bag or suitcase.


Rabbi Sharon Sobel, a veteran rider, shares her experience with you.

List of what to bring: (most people end up needing EVERYTHING I have on this list, even if they have never used these things before!)

  1. Camelback with an extra bladder (sometimes the bladder leaks - a few riders didn't bring an extra bladder and their developed a leak!)This is a million times better/easier than using water bottles. And, you can use the Camelback backpack to hold extra things. You won't even notice it on your back.
  2. GU, or other energy gel, Powerbars, Sports Beans or whatever special food things get you thru quickly when you are sapped of energy working out. You will need it.
  3. Polysporin, bandaids, tape, gauze (the medics have iodine, but no polysporin - Polysporin is much better than Iodine.
  4. Chamois butter - this is AMAZING!!! You get it @ bike stores (and you can order it online) - it helps prevent chafing in those "sensitive areas" and you also put it on the chamois of your bike shorts. Once you ride with it, yow will never ride without it! It makes the ride MUCH more comfortable!
  5. 2 knee braces (even if you have never had kneee "issues", often by the middle of the ride, knees get a little stressed and sore and you will often need the extra support)
  6. Instant cold ice-packs (2 for each night - 1 for each knee) - the places that we stay DO NOT have ice - and you will need to ice your knees, it makes a BIG difference. You can get them at CVS, Walgreens, any pharmacy-type place. They are one-time-use only and are disposable.
  7. Any kind of medication that you could even possibly think of - cold medication, headache, anti-inflammatory, antibiotics, Imodium, Pepto Bismol, anti-histamine....bring it ALL - we are in the middle of NOWHERE - and access to anything is difficult.
  8. A clean pair of bike shorts for each day - and DEFINTELY get the BEST bike shorts you can. You want bike shorts that have really good chamois' inside. Ride with them at home first - some shorts might seem great, but then you ride with them for a long ride and they are not so comfortable. (washing them at night won't get them really clean nor dry), clean shirt, clean socks. Bike shoes.
  9. 2 or 3 pairs of bike gloves and a WARM pair of bike gloves for when it gets cold
  10. 10. COLD WEATHER bike gear:  2 or 3 pairs of tights, ear warmers, neck warmers, tight hat that fits under your helmet, polar fleece, windbreaker, wicking-long sleeve shirts, warm socks (if you have them). mittens, layers

    10a. If you can find it (we can get them here in Canada and you can order them online from: Tilley's Endurables: a "Cooling Neckband"  - at Tilley's, it's called "The Cobber" ) - you soak it in cold water, and it stays cold for 3 days. It's AWESOME, AMAZING, PHENOMENAL!!! You wear it on your neck when you ride in hot weather and it helps you to stay a little more cool. We LOVE THESE!!!!!!!!!!!! They pack flat like a piece of paper!!!!!  (Here, they cost about $20/apiece, plus 13% tax - if someone wants to donate the funds, I'm happy to purchase one for every rider).
  11. HELMET - a MUST!
  12. Camera
  13. Little bike bag to go on the bike
  14. Sunglasses
  15. Sunscreen
  16. Wet-wipes/Purell
  17. Tissues
  18. A big smile and a sense of fun!
  19. (I'm sure I'll think of other things, but that should do it for now)
  20. Clothes for night...pj's..hairdryer (there are no hairdryers where we stay) plus plug adapters and transformers for your electrical things...all that kind of stuff, alarm clock, book.
  21. List of emergency contact numbers and names.