The Route

The majority of the route will involve off-road riding – mostly easy and moderate trails, as well as several steep climbs and descents. This year, daily rides of 45-60 kilometers will be complemented by additional trails for the more experienced riders. Why not start training now?!

Day 1

From the IMPJ Congregation of Modi’in
(Kehilat Yozma) to Kibbutz Galon

Pictures from the Annual Bike RideOn the first day we will ride from the IMPJ Congregation of Modi’in (Kehilat Yozma) to Kibbutz Galon (60-65 km/37-40mi). The ride will journey south, past Tel Gezer, through hills, vineyards, and citrus groves. We will ride below Tel Tzofit, and mountain bike through beautiful harvest land, to our destination, Kibbutz Galon.

Day 2

Ftom Kibbutz Galon to the Shaar
Ha’Negev region

Pictures from the Annual Bike RideOn the second day, we will continue our ride from Kibbutz Galon to the Shaar Ha’Negev region (60 km/37mi). We will ride west on a hilly path that becomes a plane filled with badlands. The trail will continue through the Yoav Region, the Pura Reserve, and the Ruhama badlands, through fields of blooming flowers and harvest land. The ride will continue through the western Negev, stopping at an observation point overlooking Gaza, ending at our destination Kibbutz Ruhama. The second day of the ride will also include an option for those who would like to ride “single tracks”.

Day 3

Ftom Kibbutz Ruhama to Kibbutz Kramim

On day three we will ride from Kibbutz Ruhama to Kibbutz Kramim (50km/31mi). The ride will change direction and begin going eastwards through an expanse of wheat fields. The contrast of trees and desert will become apparent and colors will change from browns and dark greens, to deep desert yellow.

Day 4

Ftom Kibbutz Kramaim to the city of Arad

On day four we will ride from Kibbutz Kramaim to the city of Arad (45km/28mi). On this day, the scenery will transform into the pure and vast Israel desert Even though this is the shortest day of our journey, it will most likely be the most challenging. We will ride east to the peak of Mt. Amasa (a climb from 200m to 700m above sea level), continuing through the Yatir Forest, where we will be able to approach the separation fence. The day will conclude with descent of Mt. Amasa on a fascinating route (the remains of a Roman road), arriving in the city of Arad.

Day 5

Ftom Arad to Masada

On the fifth and final day, we will ride from Arad to Masada (45-60km/28-37mi). Although we will be descending for most of the day, there will be many small hills throughout. From Arad, we will ride south, to the top of Nachal Chemar, on a very scenic route through the expansive views of the Judean Desert. The ride will then continue east, above Nachal Chemar, on cliffs that are said to be the most beautiful in the Judean Desert. We will climb to the peak of Maale Zohar, and ride north to Masada, on a road that is parallel to the cliffs of the Dead Sea, where there are spectacular views of the Dead Sea itself. Although the road remains for the most part at the same altitude, there are large humps the entire way.

We will finish our masa (journey) at Masada, feeling tired, but with a great sense of accomplishment!