Payment Instructions: Sponsorship and Registration

Tax Deductions

All US and Canadian donations are tax deductible. Donations from other countries may be tax deductible as well, depending on the country's laws. For more information on tax deductions for countries other than the United States and Canada contact

Guidelines for Processing Sponsorship Donations and Registration Payments

All sponsorship and registration checks (except for Canada and the United States) should be made payable to the IMPJ (Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism) and mailed to the address indicated below:

Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism
13 King David Street
Jerusalem 94101

US Dollar Checks:

Checks drawn in US dollars on American banks should be made payable to:
Friends of the IMPJ and mailed to the Riding4Reform address listed above.

Canadian Dollar:

Preferable method of donation: online through the Canada Helps website:

Canadian checks should be made payable to:
Canadian Friends of the WUPJ. Please mark 'Riding4Reform" on the memo line and the name of the rider whom they are sponsoring

and mailed to the:
Canadian Council for Reform Judaism
3845 Bathurst Street, Suite 301, Toronto
Ontario, M3H 3N2

Credit Card Donations

  • To make a donation using a credit card (a tax receipt will be mailed separately) either enter the name of the person being sponsored or write "general donation" in the box provided.
  • This is a required field.
  • Then press the "Make a Donation" button. A PayPal window will open and the relevant credit card information should be entered.

Pictures from the Annual Bike Ride

Guidelines for Processing Sponsorship Donations

  1. To facilitate processing your sponsorship checks and to help us keep track of your donations, you should list each check individually on either the Excel or Word Sponsorship List forms attached herein, which can be downloaded to your computer. You can either email the list as an attachment or send us a diskette or CD and a hard copy of the Sponsorship List accompanied by the checks. By using our format you will help us accurately and efficiently process your sponsorship donations.
  2. We will be sending an official tax receipt to each of your donors. In order for us to be able to do this, we will need you to provide us with some information about each donor including the name and mailing address for each one. It is especially important to include the donor's zip code. To make this process easier on you, we suggest that you ask your donors to fill out the Donor Information Card, which you can enclose when you send out your request for sponsorship letter. They should return the Donor Information Card to you along with their check. You should then be able to easily copy the information onto the Sponsorship List.
  3. Please use a new Sponsorship List for each batch of checks that you send us and number the lists sequentially. This will help us keep track of your total donations and make it easier for us to clarify any issues should they arise. Likewise, we suggest that you keep a copy of each Sponsorship List for your own records.
  4. Sending cash through the mail can be very risky, therefore, we recommend that you cover the cash you receive from donors with your own personal check. In this case, we will make the receipt out to you "in the name of." Should a donor inadvertently make a check payable to you, please be sure to endorse it over to Friends of the IMPJ.
  5. Before you send checks it would be helpful if you examine them and make sure that:
    • Checks are made payable to either the Friends of the IMPJ or Canadian Friends of the World Union for Progressive Judaism
    • The check has been signed
    • Any corrections on the check are initialed
    • The date is filled in accurately and not postdated
Pictures from the Annual Bike Ride

If you have any questions about Riding4Reform, please contact us at:,
Phone: +972-2-620-3422,
Fax: +972-2-620-3446

Guidelines for Processing Registration Payments

NO on-line Internet registration available: your signed registration form, medical clearance and registration check must be MAILED to us for you to be officially registered. All registration checks should be made payable to either the Friends of the IMPJ (for US dollar checks) or the Canadian Friends of the World Union for Progressive Judaism (for Canadian dollar checks) and mailed to Riding4Reform, Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism, 13 King David Street, Jerusalem 94101, Israel