Newsletter 7


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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Day 1
From Modi'in to Kibbutz Galon - 55km, at 1200 meters

We'll leave Modi'in after an opening ceremony with the Yozma community and school children. The ride will journey south, past Tel Gezer, the Hula Forest, and the Haruvit Forest through hills, vineyards, and citrus groves. We will ride below Tel Tzofit, and mountain bike through harvest land, until we arrive at our destination, Kibbutz Galon. The route is hilly and remains approximately at the same altitude.

Day 2
From Kibbutz Galon to Kibbutz Ruchama - 60-65km, at 1100 meters

On the second day, we will ride from Kibbutz Galon to Kibbutz Ruchama, southwest, crossing Road 6 and continuing west, past the city of Sderot. We will ride through the city and arrive at an incredible view of the Gaza strip. We will then turn east, riding through agricultural harvest land, arriving at the kibbutz on a singles path. Riders can choose to end the day either at the overview of Gaza, at the beginning of the singles path, or at the kibbutz. The route will partially take place on planes and partially through hilly harvest lands. With some luck and rain, we will have the opportunity to ride through fields of incredible blooming flowers.

Day 3
From Kibbutz Ruchama to Kibbutz Kramim - 50-55km, at 1200 meters

We will ride from the Kibbutz through the Ruchama badlands. We will journey through the Saad Canyon Stream and the Pura Reserve. We will cross Road 40 and continue along the Shikma stream to Kibbutz Dvira. From there, we will continue to Hirbet Zaak, downhill to Kibbutz Lahav. We will then climb the Sansana Mountain, finishing in Kibbutz Kramim. This day will allow us to ride singles paths in the Saad Stream. The route is hilly at the beginning and turns into a long moderate climb, ending in a short climb to Sansana Mountain. We will then head downhill into the Kibbutz. On the way, we will be riding on the border of the desert, where the colors will change from browns and dark greens, to the yellow of the desert.

Day 4
From Kibbutz Kramim to Arad - 55-60km, at 1000 meters

This will be the most challenging day physically. We will leave Kibbutz Kramim on an uphill path, 400 to 800 meters above sea level, on a 30km asphalt road, arriving at Kibbutz Amasa. The route goes through the Yatir Forest, coming very close to the separation fence, with the climb ending at the top of Mt. Amasa. When riding through the Yatir Forest, we will be riding through Bedouin villages, eventually arriving at Tel Arad. Those who wish can ride another 10km into the city if Arad. The type of riding will change in the second half of the day to a desert path. The decent from Mt. Amasa to Tel Arad requires moderate technical ability; however those who wish can walk their bikes down the hill.

Day 5
From Arad to Masada - 40km, at 400 meters

This is the most challenging day, technically. We will be riding uphill to Rosh Zohar. We will then ride downhill, eastward, from 650-50 meters above sea level. Part of the ride downhill will require moderate technical skills. The route will join a path just above the Dead Sea Cliff, and will cross numerous streams north of Masada. Oh the way to Masada, we will have the opportunity to see the Dead Sea from unexpected and extraordinary angles and heights. The day starts on a downhill path towards Masada Cliff, and continues on a constantly hilly path. All the paths on this day are on the desert sand, and therefore require a bit more technical ability than the previous days. We will finish the ride around 1pm at Masada. After lunch and a short ceremony, we will head back to the Center of Israel. We will finish our masa (journey) at Masada, feeling tired, but with a great sense of accomplishment!