Where Will My Money Go?

R4R participants make a difference by supporting pluralistic Judaism in Israel

Your dedicated efforts will support the IMPJ with focus on:

Pictures from the Annual Bike Ride
  • New and fledgling Reform and Progressive congregations across Israel: There are 30 congregations and praying groups across Israel. At the most recent IMPJ Biennial (June 2010), two new congregations were officially inaugurated: The Hashachar Congregation in Even Yehuda and Shirat Hayam in Haifa. Congregations’ activities are supported in part by member dues and supplemented by philanthropic gifts. IMPJ is seeking to strengthen existing congregations and establish new congregations in geographic regions were there is no Reform and Progressive presence. Your support is crucial to enriching Jewish life and tradition for families and communities across the country.
  • Outreach to Israel’s immigrant community: The IMPJ, as a religious and social movement that seeks to ensure the continuity of the Jewish people and Israel, deeply believes that contributing to new immigrants’ successful absorption and integration into Israeli society is both a mitzvah and an obligation. IMPJ's outreach to new immigrants focuses on 1.5 million Russian speakers. The goal is to enable immigrants to participate in—and contribute to—Israeli society by strengthening their bonds with pluralistic Jewish heritage and Israeli society through engagement with IMPJ congregations, seminars and activities tailored to their special needs. Your support is crucial to empowering immigrants to find their place in a pluralistic Jewish-Israeli culture and strengthen their ties to Jewish heritage, identity and their bonds with world Jewry.
  • Scholarships for youngsters in IMPJ’s Camp Havaya, a thriving and beloved institutions that draws Israelis from all walks of life. The Havaya summer camp is a crucial component of our mission to offer Israeli youth full immersion in pluralistic Jewish values and heritage, with learning naturally integrated into the recreational and athletic activities traditional to summer camp. The main goal is to strengthen the bonds of Israeli youth with pluralistic Jewish heritage, commitment to Zionism and Israel and their sense of Jewish peoplehood. Your generosity insures that families under financial stress will still be able to have their children participate in a unique Israeli-Jewish camping experience.
Pictures from the Annual Bike Ride

Thank you for your partnership! Looking forward to see your all on the 2011 Ride!