About the Ride

Riding 4 Reform: Your New Horizon in 2011

Refresh your spirits by planning ahead for next year's Riding4Reform adventure from Modiin to Masada. The 2011 journey will begin on the rolling hills of Israel's plains region and take you to the expanses of the Negev and desert region. We'll begin in the city of the Macabim, Modiin and conclude the ride at Masada, the last stand of the fighters of the great rebellion against ancient Rome.

We will gather at the Yozma Congregation, a lively young IMPJ congregation in the up-and-coming town of Modiin.

The ride will offer diverse terrains: the green rolling hills of the plains and its vineyards and wheat fields through to the western Negev desert at the gateway to the Shaar Hanegev homesteads (and if we are lucky, we will view the famed anemone fields in bloom.) In our desert cycling we will climb Mount Amsa, which is 800 meters above sea level, and from there we will enjoy the breath-taking descent down the desert canyons to Masada.

In addition to becoming acquainted with extraordinary views and trails, our route will explore locales linked to Israel's PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE.We will visit the remains of ancient Israelite dwellings, see sites linked to the struggle to establish the Jewish State and to settle in the desert.

Our journey will include encounters with our congregations and residents of the communities bordering Gaza-regions in which new IMPJ's initiatives are taking root (with the support of funding raised by our Ride4Reform participants). We will ride together with members of IMPJ congregations across Israel and students in our Mechina pre-army project.

Be part of an unforgettable journey – Join us in 2011

"The people, the terrain, the cause, and the organization... everything comes together to make for a wonderful experience." (Howie Goldsmith)

Wherever You Are - You Can Help!

As the riders explore Israel's plains region and the western Negev desert

A Two-Way Pledge

Pictures from the Annual Bike RideYour pledge as a participant in this adventure is to raise at least US $2,000 through donations and sponsorships. Our pledge is to support activities that convey Judaism in a meaningful and pluralistic way all over Israel. Whether enabling mothers and daughters to experience a moving Bat Mitzvah ceremony or offering Torah study sessions at different venues across Israel, the money you raise will result in hundreds of projects operating at dozens of locations, making a real difference in the lives of families all over the country.

Wherever You Are - You Can Help!

As the riders explore the plains region, the Negev and desert region, friends and supporters can play a vital part, even if they are unable to come to Israel.


Pictures from the Annual Bike Ride

Here are two ways that you can help:


This project allows supporters to virtually participate in the ride by adopting a rider who will keep them up-to-date on his/her progress during the ride. Groups or individuals will be "matched" with a suitable biker. This could be an exciting Tikkun Olam project for a religious school class, a sisterhood project, or a congregational activity. The cost of adopting one rider is $2,350.

Local Rides for Israel:

Another option is to organize a one-day ride for those who wish to support Reform programs and congregations in Israel but are unable to make the trip to Israel. Youth groups, families, and other supporters can sign up and raise per-mile donations from friends and their communities. An Israeli festival with snacks and music at the end of the ride can help get everyone involved.

"Without all of their support and encouragement, I would never have been able to do this." Rabbi Daniel Schwartz