Ride Across Israel

About the Ride

Riding 4 Reform: Your New Horizon in 2011

Refresh your spirits by planning ahead for this year's Riding4Reform adventure from Modiin to Masada

The 2011 journey will begin on the rolling hills of Israel's plains region and take you to the expanses of the Negev and desert region. We'll begin in the region of the in the city of Macabim-Modiin and conclude the ride at Masada, the last stand of the fighters of the great rebellion against ancient Rome.


Where Will My Money Go?

The purpose of Riding4Reform is to raise funds to promote Progressive Jewish ideals in Israel. This includes a wide range of social, educational, cultural and community programs. More...

The Route

On the first day we will ride from the IMPJ Congregation of Modi’in (Kehilat Yozma) to Kibbutz Galon (60-65 km/37-40mi). The ride will journey south, past Tel Gezer, through hills, vineyards, and citrus groves. We will ride below Tel Tzofit, and mountain bike through beautiful harvest land, to our destination, Kibbutz Galon



You may have a number of questions about the ride; listed below are the ones most frequently asked with their answers. If you don’t find the information you need, please contact us